Sithonia and the Sea

The tourist marina of Nikiti is located at a distance of 105 km from Thessaloniki. It has a capacity of 100 berths; its facilities can be used by recreational craft, professional or private, from 5 to 20 metres long with drafts up to 2m.

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You can enjoy a romantic sunset from the deck of a private sailing boat, which takes you for an evening ride around Nikiti coastline; drinks and cocktails are served, accompanied with a platter of delicious cheeses and fruit.

You can also hire a motor or sailing boat for a day trip and enjoyswimming around various beaches and coves along Sithonia coast.

Along neighbouring coastal points there are hiring spots for day trips using Sea Kayak craft that can safely travel along the shoreline.

You can also explore and discover the underwater world, using the services of summer diving schools that operate at Sithonia.

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Itamos (Taxus baccata or European Yew) is a tree more than 2000 years old and one of the oldest in the country. Its name has been given to the highest peak of Sithonia which has been declared a Protected Natural Monument.

Mt. Itamos stretches over most of the peninsula, from Vourvourou to the southernmost tip, over a total area of 233.34km2; it is part of the Natura 2000 protected habitat network. Main forest species are the Mediterranean pine [Pinus halepensis] and and Black Pine [Pinus nigra] in the central mountainous areas. The lowlands are covered with low vegetation (maquis shrubland). This is an important breeding ground for migrating birds, many of which are protected species.

An off road vehicle is ideal for you to wander around the mountain roads and encounter amazing natural beauty spots.

You can also choose trekking or mountaineering, if you prefer, along one of the relatively short routes below.

Nikiti-Agios Nikolaos: Following a circular path, with a stop at Prophet Elijah’s chapel. The path is covered with trees and offers impressive vistas.

Elia Nikitis – Agios Pavlos: A relatively easy route. The path crosses the forest and you can visit the interesting church of St. Paul. The natural landscape is wonderful any time of the year.