Nikiti is a mere 98 kilometres from the city of Thessaloniki; it is a mountainous village in Halkidiki presenting visitors with a dilemma as soon as they arrive. The mountain or the sea?

Whatever you may choose, your memories will be pleasant and will accompany you when you leave this paradise.

At the central crossroads you can take either to winding lanes leading to the old hamlet, where houses built as early as 1830 still stand, or the turn towards Nikiti beach.

Along the seafront of Nikiti there are numerous cafés, all of which offer relaxing shade and a view over the sea Make sure you go for a stroll and have dinner or a drink on the sea front or on the sandy beach next to the water.

Motor traffic is banned from the seafront road, which is safe for an easy stroll for all - adults and children.

Nikiti has a busy market of small and bigger shops along the shore; they offer souvenirs and excellent local products and are ideal for shopping therapy.

τη Νικήτη


The old hamlet
of Nikiti


In the old Nikiti hamlet there are houses built as early as 1830; this is a significant historic residential complex in the area. House chimneys are one of the typical architectural features. This historic site is protected by the Ministry of Culture.

St. Nikitas Church was built in 1867, at the site of the old tower that used to protect the Dependency of the Athonian Monastery of Xenophon (Dependency of Neakitos) The tower ruins were used to build present-day St. Nikitasparish church.

The old school was constructed between 1890 and 1918.

The cemetery church was built in the 16th century and only the middle apse has survived. There are murals painted at the end of the 16th century. It was the parish church of the village before the church of St. Nikitas was erected.

Find the taverna of your choice and let yourself be enchanted by the serenity and slow pace of bygone days, when people were in close communion with nature.

Don't forget to taste Greek coffee at the old village café, with the wooden tables arranged under a large vine that provides deep shade.